Thursday, November 10, 2011

SalonQP 2011 - VIP Night

Where to start? First of, with a series of thank yous to James Gurney (Editor QP Magazine) for the kind invitation to join him on the opening night of SalonQP 2011, and to all those at SalonQP for making tonight such an astounding success. 

There are a series of exclusives at SalonQP, but alas, I had little time to see them all tonight. So I'll be going back on Saturday to complete the visit. What I did see tonight was (in no particular order), a Rolling Stone, Peter Speake-Marin's new range, the Legacy Machine from MB&F, Bremont's new (squadron-only) Globemaster watch, the Jackpot Tourbillon from GP (and time spent talking to GM Stefano Macaluso), Ressence's latest innovation, a new watch brand called Schofield, and a great, great many friends and fellow #watchnerd.

Here are just a few of the (very many) photos I took tonight. I shall be posting more detailed information in due course, but hopefully this serves as a taster...

Ronnie Wood's hand-painted clock for Bremont
Ronnie Wood, Bremont's Giles English and James Gurney
The highly innovative Ressence One Series
Peter Speake-Marin's new Spirit range
Astoundingly cool HM4 from MB&F
The simply incredible MB&F Legacy Machine No1
The (annoyingly squadron-only) Bremont C-17 Globemaster
The Schofield Signalman - a new brand. More coming later...

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goyavier said...

Hello Noodlefish! Our shared appreciation of fractal cauliflower inspired my latest blog post! Let me know if you wish for any corrections/adjustments. Happy 111111 to you!